A policeman drawn in Burke's Manuscript - page 130Canterbury Police Gazette - a selection

About the Canterbury Police Gazette ~ Technical Details

Volume VII 1869

Volume VIII 1870

Volume IX 1871

About the Canterbury Police Gazette

The Canterbury Police Gazette was published from 1863 until 1877. During this time, provincial governments were responsible for policing in the colony. The gazettes contain lists of stolen items and of other crimes, warrants of arrest with descriptions of the criminals, lists of apprehensions for the month, and of discharges from the Christchurch, Timaru and Lyttelton gaols, and results from court trials. They also contain brief inquest reports and information on police appointments and promotions.

Technical Details

These pages were scanned to PDF, then OCRed using Adobe Acrobat Paper Capture. The original papers were old, faint and very poor photocopies. Essentially an experiment in seeing if the results were usable.

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