Official record of the New Zealand International Exhibition of Arts and Industries held at Christchurch, 1906-7 : a descriptive and historical account by J. Cowan.

Official RecordThis is the official Government report of the New Zealand International Exhibition 1906-07, commissioned by the Prime Minister Sir Joseph Ward, written by journalist and historian James Cowan and published in 1910.

It is a detailed report and provides a preliminary history of exhibition, summaries of all the courts, a full list of prizes awarded, a map of the exhibition area and even some of the speeches made during the event.


SECTION I page 1 - 15 [2.4 MB, PDF]
New Zealand International Exhibition of Arts and Industries 1906-7

Introductory and Retrospective
Historical Sketch: New Zealand Past and Present
The Pioneers, and what they wrought
The Dominion's Progress and Resources
Previous Exhibitions in New Zealand

SECTION II page 16 - 79 [6.6 MB, PDF]
The Exhibition Site; Preliminary History; The Exhibition Buildings

The Site in Hagley Park
Christchurch City and Canterbury Province
Inception and Progress of the Work
The Exhibition Committees and Officials
The Exhibition Buildings
A General View
Cost and Other Details

SECTION III page 80 - 104 [3.5 MB, PDF]
The Opening Ceremony

SECTION IV page 105 - 114 [1.4 MB, PDF]
General Description of the Exhibition

A Survey of the Courts
New Zealand's Wealth and Industries epitomized
Number of Exhibitors
Imperial and International Representation

SECTION V page 115 - 159 [6.9 MB, PDF]
New Zealand Government Departmental Courts

The Department of Agriculture
Mining Court
Public Works Department
Department of Railways
Post and Telegraph Department
Tourist and Health Resorts
The Thermal Wonderland Replica
Department of Labour
Government Insurance Department
Lands and Survey Department
Government Printing Department
Defence Department
Prisons Department
The Fisheries

SECTION VI page 160 - 168 [1.3 MB, PDF]
New Zealand's Natural History

Fauna and Flora
New Zealand's Native Birds, &c.
The Fernery

SECTION VII page 169 - 173 [726 KB, PDF]
Home Industries Section

New Zealand Home Industries and Technical Schools Exhibits

SECTION VIII page 174 - 225 [8 MB, PDF]
New Zealand Provincial Courts

Hawke's Bay
North and South Canterbury
The Cook Group and other Pacific Islands

SECTION IX page 226 -266 [6.2 MB, PDF]
The Empire's Courts

Great Britain and Ireland
New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia
The Fiji Islands

SECTION X page 267 -285 [2.8 MB, PDF]
Art in the Exhibition

The Art Galleries
New Zealand and Australian Pictures
The British Art Collection
Sales of British Pictures

SECTION XI page 286 - 307 [3.4 MB, PDF]
General Summary of Industrial Exhibits

New Zealand and Foreign Trade Exhibits
Food and Food Products
Textile Fabrics
General Manufactured Goods

SECTION XII page 308 - 375 [9.5 MB]
The Ethnological Section

The Maoris and the Maori Pa
Native Village Life: Songs and Dances
A Polynesian Congress
The Cook Islanders
The Niue Islanders
The Fiji Islanders
Fiji Firewalkers

SECTION XIII page 376 - 382 [973 KB, PDF]
Music at the Exhibition - Amusements

SECTION XIV page 383 - 391 [1.3 MB, PDF]
Events of the Exhibition Season

Competitions and Shows
The Attendance, &c.

SECTION XV page 392 - 396 [559 KB, PDF]
The Closing Ceremony

APPENDICES page 397 - 467 [7.5 MB, PDF]
Awards and Prize Competitions

Exhibition Prize Awards
Home Industries Competitions
Musical, Athletic, and Other Contests
Rules and Regulations

Balance Sheet of the Exhibition page 468 - 470 [297 KB, PDF]

Plan [804 KB, PDF]

View the complete Official record of the New Zealand International Exhibition of Arts and Industries held at Christchurch, 1906-7 : a descriptive and historical account by J. Cowan. [64.2 MB, PDF]

Technical note: This material was scanned from a photocopy so the quality may be poor in places.

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