Canterbury - New Zealand : of all the countries of the world this is where you would choose to labour and live

View Canterbury - New Zealand as PDF (4.0 Mb)Promotional pamphlet from the Canterbury Progress league advertising the benefits of Canterbury to industry and to potential migrants.
Includes a brief overview of the scenic wonders of Canterbury, Otira Gorge, Westland, Banks Peninsula; information on amenities attractive to industry; information on farming and agricultural opportunities.

Introduction - The City Beautiful - Cheap Electrical Power - Sports and Pastimes - The Pacific at the Door - Miscellaneous Crops - Banks Peninsula - Scenic Beauties of Westland - The Otira Gorge - Industrial Canterbury - The Southern Alps - Westland - Science for the Farmer - The Fruit Industry - Specialisation in Farming - Horses and Cattle - Wheat and Oats - Wool and Frozen Meat - Motoring and Aviation

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Issued by the Canterbury Progress League.
Publisher: Lyttelton Times, printers, [1921]
Bagnall, C183



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