Legacy of Thomas Edmonds

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Published by Environmental Policy and Planning Unit, Christchurch City Council, 1993.

Thomas Edmonds contributed significantly to the architectural history of Christchurch after the founding of the Edmonds Factory and Gardens in Ferry Road. The many buildings he substantially funded or donated to the city include: the Theosophical Society building in Cambridge Terrace, the Radiant Hall (now the Repertory Theatre) in Kilmore Street, the Band rotunda (now the Thomas Edmonds Restaurant) in Cambridge Terrace, the clock tower and telephone cabinet in Oxford Terrace, 16 lighting standards along Cambridge Terrace, and Bickerton Park on the comer of Wainoni Road and Avonside Drive in memory of his friend Professor Bickerton. Thomas Edmonds’ prolific donations were a result of his 50 years of business in Christchurch.

The Edmonds’ Factory was demolished amid controversy in October 1990. The factory and surrounding gardens were well known throughout Australasia as they were featured on the cover of the popular Edmonds’ Cookbook. Apart from the demolition of the factory. Edmonds’ legacy to Christchurch has otherwise survived. It is the intention of this booklet to outline the architectural and historical significanceof the buildings Thoms Edmonds was involved with and to acknowledge his substantial contribution to the city of Christchurch.


  • Thomas J. Edmonds 1858-1932
  • T. J. Edmonds’ Factory Building
  • Theosophical Society Building
  • Radiant Hall (now the Repertory Theatre)
  • The Band Rotunda
  • The Clock Tower
  • Bickerton Reserve

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