The Children's Library of Upper Riccarton

Library Volunteers

The following is a list of the volunteers who worked in the library across the years. The hope is all who played a major or long term role - several years or more - will be included here, as the full list of volunteers of each year was listed in most annual reports. As well, there will be some (but not all) volunteers listed who had a shorter involvement. For anyone missed apologies.

Margaret Allingham, Shirley Anderson, Dawn Averill, Ruming Bai, Jean Banks, Mureen Barr, Jenny Bell, Elaine Benger, Hazel Blake, May Britnell, Noeline Bussell, Penny Callaghan, Ivy Cameron, Mrs Chappell, Valerie Clark, Margaret Coppard, Mary Corbett, Mrs Curtis, Wyn Deam, Isobel Deavoll, Eileen Dick, Denise Direen, Bob Dolan, Margaret Doody, Robyn Drabble Marie Faulkner, Joan Fazackerley, Joan Fitzgerald, Ann Frances, Mrs Franklin, Thora Gates, Ena Gibson, Tulsi Gopal, Lyall Gourley, Gail Graham, Marie Griffiths, Margaret Grotsky, Shrubhra Gupta, Elizabeth Hamilton, Joan Hammond, Dianne Harper, Karen Harris, Mrs Halliday, Julie Hayes, Amelia Hart, Jane Heinz, Wyn Hellewell, Nicole Herbert, Toni Herbert, Margaret Hills, Mr R. Heaselwood, Trish Heaton, Ann Hefferman-Dale, Linda Hurndell, Mrs Irvine, June Irving, Mrs James, June Jamieson, Dawn Johns, Mrs Johnston, Marion Jones, Julie Jordan, Mrs F. Kean, Daphne Kearton, Cecily Kilner, Lucy Kitto, Pat Lammerink, Nona Laurie, Junghye Lee, Muriel Legge, Thomas Liang, Narges Lor, Rachel McCardle, Jean MacDonald, Mrs McGregor, Beatrice MacGuire, Mrs D. McIntyre, Karla Madden, Fiona Manton, Cynthia Marinus, Peggy Marks, Mamta Mehrotra, Christine Middleton, Gwen Mills, Mary Moore, Roslyn Mullenger, Leonie Mumberson, Melba Murfitt, Marie North, Frances Ouwerling, Ann Owens, Mrs Patrick, Dorothy Pennington, Agnes Quinn, Margaret Perreau, Betsy Platts, Betty Prescott, Betty Preston, Janet Ragg, Mrs A. Ramsay, Alec Reid, Monica Reid, Shirley Rhodes, Doris Rivers, Audrey Rodgers, Bessie Saunders, Mrs Shatford, Sindu Sharma, Sun Hee Shin, Miriam Simon, Edna Smart, Joyce Smith, Georgina Sprott, Mary Stark, Gladys Staunton, Gladys Swain, Reima Tentori, Flo Thompson, Betty Tweedie, Eleanor van Voorthuizen, Mrs Vincent, Jenny Voice, Susan Wallace, Molly Watson, Dawne Watson, Iris Wheeler, Brian White, Margot White,Ann Whitnall, Megan Whitnall, Ron Whitnall, Mrs N. Williams, Mavis Wilson, Nyra Wilson, Fay Wright, Graham Wright, Emily Wright, Mrs Yates.

Publication credits

Researched and written by David Welch on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the founding of the Upper Riccarton Children's Library. Material sourced from Annual Reports of this library and its successor, the Sir John McKenzie Memorial Children's Library; from contemporary newspaper reports; from a published article written by Joan Fazackerley in 1959, from district histories of Riccarton, Paparua and Waimairi; from Canterbury Public Library reports to Christchurch City Council 1951-1955, from biographical information about of Sir John McKenzie, Lord Cobham, James Hay, and official histories of Rotary, and general material about the 1950s. Prepared with the help of Joan Fazackerley, May and Eddie Britnell, Ann Whitnall, Dawn Averill, Susan Wallace, Hazel Blake, and Erina Parks, who all helped in various ways to help create as accurate a record as possible. This said, all opinions remain those of the author.

Prepared and published with the assistance of Christchurch City Libraries, (formerly Canterbury Public Library) Christchurch 2004.

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