Waihora: Maori Associations with Lake Ellesmere.

Download Waihora: Maori Associations with Lake Ellesmere. as PDF (4.7 Mb)By W.A. Taylor. Leeston [N.Z.] : Ellesmere Guardian Print, [1944].

"In pre-pakeha, days that broad sheet of water now called Lake Elesmere, but known to the Maoris as Waihora, was a factor of tremendous importance to them. It provided the Maoris not only with food and easy transportation, but with materials for their homes, for their industries, and last of all, but not the least essential, with a means of defence against their enemies. The number of sites of settlements located and identified indicates that the lake shore must at some time, have carried a considerable permanent population. In this little booklet Mr W. A. Taylor has collected a number of articles, written by him and first published by the Ellesmere Guardian, at Leeston, in which he describes some of the features of Maori life around the lake and its influence on their history, economic and social conditions." [Preface]


  • Coming of the Maori
  • Distribution of Native Lands
  • Founder of Taumutu
  • Settlements around the Lake
  • Kaitorete - Ellesmere Spit
  • Around Tai Tapu
  • Food Resources of the Lake
  • Tuna, important article of diet
  • Harakeke or Native Flax
  • Place Names and their meanings
  • Who were the moa hunters?
  • Maori social life

Download Waihora: Maori Associations with Lake Ellesmere. (4.7 Mb)

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