Mo Hayder


The author of five novels, three of which feature DI Jack Caffery, Mo Hayder has had a controversial career. Birdman her first novel won a $600,000 advance after publicity at 1998 Frankfurt book fair and a reputation for Hayder as an author fixated on the macabre.

Often compared to Patricia Cornwell, Hayder has certainly pushed the envelope in what she describes as the “squirm factor”. Ritual her latest novel offers the return of Caffery and some dismembered hands, the action taking place in the badlands of Bristol.

After many varied occupations Hayder came to writing at the relatively late age of 38 and has had both commercial and critical success with all her novels to date. Not for the faint-hearted, Hayder's novels force the reader to confront their greatest fears and in Hayders own personal philosophy this bold confrontation of our imaginations worst manifestations perhaps protects against harm in the real world.

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