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Resources for topics and issues in NCEA Geography.

The Source

Christchurch City Libraries has several resources in The Source which provide useful information for planning topics. To use these from home or school join the library and get a password / PIN.

  • For New Zealand newspaper and magazine articles use Australia/NZ Reference Centre and ProQuest ANZ Newsstand.
  • For a wider variety of publications, including newspapers and magazines use INNZ (Index New Zealand). This site indexes major New Zealand magazines and newspapers — but does not contain the text of the articles. Useful because it goes back to 1987. Christchurch City Libraries will often have copies of the magazines (check the catalogue), or you can order them from your school library.

To search INNZ (Index New Zealand)

  • Use + to find all the words in your search, for example:
    +Christchurch +air +pollution


For Christchurch City Council information use the topic list on the learning page.

For Environment Canterbury information search Environment Canterbury.

  • Use keywords in the Search box at the top of the page to find reports

If you want to do more: Look at the Christchurch City Council web site as well.

  • Search the web site using the 'search site' box at the top of the page
  • Use keywords
  • Look for the search suggestions for help


Library catalogue for books and reports not online — use the keyword search.


Try LiveOnline: an interactive session with a librarian live over the Internet. Get answers to your questions, get help using our databases and more.

AnyQuestions is a service for students up to Year 13 that has librarians online helping you find and use quality internet sources.

Or talk to us — ring us on 941 7923.