Legacy photograph collection


canterburystories.nz is the our new location for our digital heritage collection.

We are currently moving our legacy collections into canterburystories.nz.

Photographs can also be located in discoverywall.nz,canterburystories.nz, Flickr and our Digital Collection.

Our legacy collection below of Christchurch and Canterbury images, includes images sourced from newspapers, archives, books, reports, etc. and were digitised over 20 years ago.



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Collection 22 canterburystories.nz discoverywall.nz
Christchurch Star archive Christchurch Documentary Project Digitised archives

How to order images

If you would like to order a digital copy of any one these images please use our online form to request an image. Many images have a link to this form at the bottom of the image page.

Printing image pages

If you just want to print one of the image pages see the advice on our printing page.