Ballantynes Fire

Ballantyne’s fire book

The Press, Jan 7, 1984. p. 12.

The Press, Jan 7, 1984. p. 12.

Sir, — Regarding M. I. Mawson's letter of December 31: losing a Sister in Ballantyne’s fire is a sad memory they will have to live with for the rest of their days. The tragic event will never be forgotten by those who lost family or friends (and I lost two friends). The suggestion that Mr G. G. Walker "hopes to make money out of others' misfortune" is completely out of character with this man, who is kind, generous to a fault and a very happy person — big of stature and mind. I feel the point of the book is to vindicate the firemen of the day. Mr Walker is hardly likely to become a millionaire with this publication, as I, with all due respect to him, fail to see it becoming a best seller. It is a valuable interesting reference book, with a view to this terrible tragedy never recurring

- Yours, VALMAI. I HERN.
January 1, 1984.

The Press, Jan 7, 1984. p. 12.

Sir, I wish to thank Mr G. G. Walker for his enlightenment on the Ballantyne’s fire. This type of book must take many hours of research and work and is not the type of book to bring in great revenue, so it is good to know in this day and age there are still people who are willing to give so much of their leisure time to bring truth to the fore. Another aspect is knowing this will not happen again and that Government or Royal commissions can no longer cover up the truth, and our firemen will no longer have the blame laid at their feet as was the case of Mr Burrows. Many people may feel sorrow having the facts laid bare, but we know that the integrity of firemen will now be guarded and lives and property better protected. Having read the book I feel Mr Walker has great feelings for all the families involved.

- Yours. etc., BRENDA SMITH.
December 30, 1983.