Christchurch: a chronology

A timeline of Christchurch events in chronological order from pre-European times to 1989.

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March 28, 1981
New South Brighton bridge opens.
March 30, 1883
Two young boys die of exposure on the Port Hills. Monuments can still be seen near the Rapaki Track.
March 31, 1854
Weld and Clifford pioneer the inland stock route to Marlborough.
March 31, 1863
21 Canterbury military volunteers sail north on “Phoebe” for duty in the Waikato land wars.
March 31, 1904
New Zealand’s first coin-in-the-slot postal franking machine on public trial in Christchurch.
April 1, 1903
Sydenham, Linwood and St Albans amalgamate with City to form greater Christchurch. Henry F. Wigram becomes Mayor.
April 1, 1907
Beckenham and Fisherton join City.
April 1, 1911
North Linwood added to City.
April 1, 1911
Spreydon Borough formed.
April 1, 1915
First regular supply of electricity from Lake Coleridge received in Christchurch.
April 1, 1921
Spreydon Borough joins City.
April 1, 1923
Bromley and Papanui join City.
April 1, 1932
New Regent Street opens, built on the site of the old Colosseum. (See 1908)
April 1, 1941
Huntsbury and Borough of New Brighton join City.
April 1, 1943
St Andrews Hill (Mt Pleasant) joins City.
April 1, 1945
Sumner Borough, McCormacks Bay and Hillsborough join City.
April 1, 1949
Sign of the Takahe opens. This was the completion of the Summit Road developments begun by Harry Ell in 1908.
April 1, 1955
Part of Halswell area joins City.
April 1, 1962
First City Council district planning scheme becomes operative.
April 1, 1962
Mt Pleasant Valley and Cannon estate join City from Heathcote.
April 1, 1979
Lyttelton road tunnel becomes toll-free.
April 1, 1980
Canterbury Regional Planning Authority merges with Canterbury United Council.
April 1, 1983
City Council takes over central area parking enforcement from Ministry of Transport.
April 2, 1873
First and second Town Halls destroyed by fire. It took 99 years to replace this civic amenity.
April 3, 1912
Lyttelton dredge "Manchester" leaves port for new owners in Sydney. The ship and her crew disappeared without trace during the voyage.
April 3, 1914
North Richmond joins City.
April 3, 1967
Re-built Ferrymead Bridge opens.