Christchurch - a chronology


March 18
Jollie completes survey and plan of Christchurch.
April 12
John Robert Godley, first leader of the Canterbury Association settlers, arrives with his wife in Lyttelton on "Lady Nugent". He quarrels with Thomas, and departs for Wellington, not returning until November 28. (It appears that he had no intention of settling permanently in the new colony.)
April 25
Canterbury Association settlers meet in London.
40 settlers en route to Auckland on the "Monarch" decide to remain at Akaroa.
June 15
Canterbury’s first European wedding - marriage of architect Samuel Farr.
September 7
First Canterbury Association settlers sail from Plymouth, England on the "Charlotte Jane", "Randolph" and "Cressy".
September 8
"Sir George Seymour" leaves Plymouth with settlers.
December 16
"Charlotte Jane" and "Randolph" arrive at Lyttelton.
December 17
"Sir George Seymour" arrives.
December 27
"Cressy" arrives. These 4 ships brought a total of 773 settlers. Although Cantabrians like to commemorate these "first four ships", there were actually 8 chartered vessels which brought 1500 Canterbury Association settlers in the first few months. By the following December, 19 ships had brought over 3000 settlers.
Anderson’s Forge established - the first industry in Canterbury. The business became Andersons Foundry.

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