Christchurch - a chronology


January 14
New Brighton declared a Borough.
June 21
Huge celebrations for Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee include the official opening of Victoria Park on the Port Hills and the transformation of Market (Victoria) Square by the City Council and the newly formed Christchurch Beautifying Association. The square, once the commercial centre of Christchurch, had contained many early public buildings and services including a prison, immigration barracks, an animal pound and the first post office. See 1903 for change of name.
September 26
Reading of the Riot Act to an angry crowd of about 6000 in Lichfield Street as a result of religious imposter A. B. Worthington’s "Temple of Truth" fraud. Beginning in 1890, Worthington’s sect had built a "grecian temple" in Latimer Square.
November 4
Night cycle races held at Lancaster Park. The experiment was not a success - the gas illumination was completely inadequate.
(no date)
Council by-law restricts cyclists to a speed of 8 miles per hour. The "bicycle boom" was at its peak about this time.
First Metropolitan Cycle Show held in City.

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