Christchurch - a chronology


January 1-3
Davis Cup final (Australasia v USA) held at Lancaster Park.
Independent tribunal reports against the Estuary canal and harbour scheme. This report virtually ended many years of heated discussion and lobbying over this issue, although the idea was not finally laid to rest until the decision was made to build the road tunnel.
April 3
Lyttelton dredge "Manchester" leaves port for new owners in Sydney. The ship and her crew disappeared without trace during the voyage.
May 30
First netball match in City.
October 31
Opening of Queen’s Theatre, the city’s first purposebuilt picture theatre. The building is now the M. W. Arcade.
December 28
First New Zealand croquet championships held in City.
(no date)
First free kindergarten (the "Sunbeam Kindergarten") opens in St Albans.

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