Christchurch - a chronology


January 1
Riccarton Borough formed.
February 10
News reaches Christchurch of the Scott expedition’s fate. The city’s special relationship with the expedition caused deep mourning over the tragedy.
October 31
National waterfront strike affects Lyttelton.
November 5
"Battle of Featherston Street" in Wellington as strikers try to stop racehorses being shipped to Christchurch.
November 25
700 "specials" (special constables enlisted mainly from farming districts) occupy Lyttelton to allow "free" labour to work the wharves. In spite of this provocative action, there was no serious violence in Christchurch or Lyttelton throughout the strike.
(no date)
First New Zealand inter-collegiate rowing championships held on the Avon River. The schools taking part were Christ’s College, Christchurch Boys High School, Waitaki Boys High School and Wanganui Collegiate.

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