Christchurch - a chronology


University Little Theatre destroyed by fire.
June 29
Aviation pioneer Richard W. Pearse dies in Christchurch. Pearse made one of the world’s first powered flights on or about March 31, 1902 in South Canterbury. He moved to Christchurch in 1921, and worked on his astonishing "convertiplane" over many years.
October 1
Over 3000 hectares of Waimairi (showgrounds area), Heathcote (Bromley area) and Estuary included in City.
October 10
The "last great air race" from London to Christchurch won by an RAF Canberra bomber.
December 24
4 Christchurch victims among 151 dead in Tangiwai railway disaster.
(no date)
New Zealand’s first Round Table set up in Christchurch.
Floral clock (New Zealand’s first) presented to City by Calder McKay Ltd.

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