Christchurch - a chronology


February 2
Burnside High School opens. For a long time it was the biggest high school in the Southern Hemisphere.
February 11
Mrs H.L. Garrett appointed New Zealand’s first jury forewoman.
February 22
New airport terminal (designed by Paul Pascoe) opens.
May 23
Tsunami (tidal wave) causes water level range of nearly 6 metres in 2 hours at Lyttelton.
September 24
Jellie Park Pool opens.
November 1
New railway station opens. The building had been designed before W.W.II.
December 2
Rehua meeting house opens, the first new meeting house in the South Island for over 100 years.
(no date)
End of New Zealand’s longest lawsuit, which had begun the previous year and lasted 151 days: Pyramid Machines v W.H. Price and Son Ltd.

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