Christchurch - a chronology


January 11
A live 30cm snake is found in a driveway in Parklands. A second snake is found the following day.
August 20
A longterm aim of banning open fires is approved by the Christchurch City Council.
October 5
Greg Mortimer of Christchurch conquers Mt Everest without oxygen.
November 5
The Christchurch Civic Trust Board buys the Mt Vernon property for a public park.
November 23
The first woman to head the Methodist Church is Rev Dr Phyllis Guthardt a Christchurch Minister from Riccarton Parish. See 1959
December 16
John Walker becomes the first person to run a sub four minute mile in Canterbury. He broke the record at QEII Park. February 1985, Walker broke the world record for highest number of sub four minute miles.
December 31
"Kiwi House" opened at Orana Park (first chick born in captivity in South Island, November 1989).

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