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The Holland mentioned on 237 was a relative of the first nominated Bishop, Jackson, and was afterwards in partnership with Jim Moorhouse, a veterinary, brother of Sefton, and they opened as stables, the buildings, some of which remain in Armagh St. as an Old Men’s Home. Jim Moorhouse had something to do with importing Towton & the Peer sire of Durebin.

C.G. Hodgson, was a solicitor, but a very little practising one, a son in law of old John Shand of Avon Lodge.

Sir William Congreve, was one of the wandering baronets. He disappeared, and has been much advertised for from Home.

Martelli, was a handsome Italian looking youngster from Australia, he was, I think, soon after killed at Timaru. A fine horseman.

Joe Dann & Bishop (Augustus) had a shop about where Taylor’s fruiterer stands. They were in business at the same time as G. Gould, but had not his go. Dann afterwards kept the Oxford pub. His brother George kept what was then the Caledonian, site of next Piercy, grocer, and afterwards House corner Colombo St and Kilmore.

By the way, when the footpath was first properly shaped in Colombo St from Cook & Ross to Gloucester St, Mr Isaac Luck, who was sort of Government man, put up not only posts but chains along the wooden kerbline.

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