Christchurch - a chronology


March 1
School for the Deaf (now Van Asch College) opens in Sumner. Director Gerrit van Asch introduced oral teaching methods to New Zealand.
March 9
First steam trams begin operation from Cathedral Square to the railway station.
April 17
First championship cycle meeting, Hagley Park.
April 17
Inter-city brass band contest (New Zealand’s first) and choral competition draws an audience of 2500 to the Drill Hall. The winner was the Invercargill Garrison Band.
July 8
Canterbury Society of Arts formed.
July 19
Lincoln College opens - the first agricultural college in the Southern Hemisphere.
Industrial Exhibition opens.
November 11
Christchurch Amateur Swimming Club formed (the first in New Zealand).
(no date)
Sarah and Alfred Rudkin begin small factory. It eventually became Lane Walker Rudkin.

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