Christchurch - a chronology


April 1
Sumner Borough, McCormacks Bay and Hillsborough join City.
May 8
V.E. (Victory in Europe) day celebrations.
May 19
Severe flooding throughout city.
July 13
Severe gales with gusts to 145 kilometres per hour (90 miles per hour).
July 14
Record snowfall 280mm (11 inches) over most of city.
July 18
Christchurch’s lowest recorded temperature -7.1 deg C. Note that this is air temperature which is recorded above ground level. Frost readings are taken on the ground and can be several degrees colder than the air temperature. Record frost was in 1872.
August 8
More flooding in City, worst at Shirley, Radley and Sumner.
August 15
V.J. (Victory over Japan) day celebrations.
September 26
Charles Hazlett Upham (born Christchurch 1908) awarded second V.C. for gallantry in the Western Desert, 1942. He won his previous award in Crete during May 1941.
December 15
Railway line to Picton completed.

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