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Top of the web August 2015 [blog post]
Find out what was popular on the library interwebs last month.
Shifting Points of View [Storify]
We've pulled together tweets, posts, and photos from the #wordchch events at #chchfest2015.
Suki Kim [blog post] [Korean language]
Jo reports back from the Suki Kim session at Shifting Points of View.
Teen Scene September 2015 newsletter
High school intrigue, teens stranded in the Atlantic, and a guy-centric coming of age story - don't miss our latest Teen Scene newsletter.
RSS: New fiction
All of the fiction that arrived over the past week.
RSS: New non-fiction
All the non-fiction books that arrived over the past week.
RSS: Just ordered
All the items ordered over the past week.
Like a virgin [blog post]
Never tried one of our eBooks or downloadable audiobooks before? Maybe now is a great time to start.
Te Kupu o Te Wiki - Maku (wet)
To encourage the use of Te Reo Maori we are publishing weekly kupu (words) and phrases that can be used with children.
Norman Kirk: 6 January 1923 - 31 August 1974 [blog post]
Prime Minister Norman Kirk, M.P. for Sydenham died on 31 August 1974.
Linwood Library now open until 7pm on Thursdays
Linwood Library at Eastgate is now open an extra hour on Thursdays.
Aranui Library now open on Sundays
We are happy to inform Aranui Library customers that the library is now open 10am to 4pm on Sundays.
Fees and charges [updated]
We have updated our fees and charges.
Membership form [updated]
We have updated our membership form. [PDF]
Circulation policy [updated]
We have updated our circulation policy. [PDF]
Collecting as an art form [blog post]
Jane confesses to her collecting passions.
New titles September 2015
Our newly arrived titles, now across seven genres: digital (eBooks & eAudiobooks), fiction, non-fiction, audio and video, children's, large print and young adults. These items arrived in August 2015. Also available as an email newsletter.
Photos from Shifting Points of View events
Photos from the WORD Christchurch events at the Christchurch Arts Festival on Sunday 30 August 2015.
Staff Pickles [new]
Our team of staff pickles are here to bring you recommendations with flavour. We will be sharing booklists, book reviews, and blog posts - all about the books, movies, TV, and music we love.
This week in Christchurch history (31 August to 6 September) [blog post]
Discover some of the events that took place in Christchurch in years gone by.
Tongan Language Week - Uike 'o e Lea Tonga
Tongan Language Week - Uike 'o e Lea Tonga 2015 takes place from 30 August to 5 September. Discover our Tongan language resources.
Michael Robotham: The psychology of crime [blog post]
Crime writer Michael Robotham gave a fab talk in Christchurch on Wednesday.
Photos of Halswell Centre [updated]
We've uploaded some new photos showing the progress of Te Hapua: Halswell Centre.
Horticultural 'Grand Designs' versus 'Harsh Reality' [blog post]
Karen dons a large floppy hat ŗ la Greta Garbo and waits for her potatoes to chit...
Your home [updated]
Find useful information, suggestions and inspiration for house buying and renovations.
Pride and Perversion [blog post]
Jesse Bering is talking in Christchurch "On Perversion".
New Zealand Fashion in pictures: Our Flickr
Explore some NZ fashion looks from our collection.
Holiday programmes September-October 2015
We've added information on the upcoming holiday programmes.
Raging at road cones [blog post]
Road cones: little orange triangles sent by Satan to torment you at every turn, or bright happy indicators of important progress? Alllisonsnotmyfirstname wants to know what you think.
Hugo Awards 2015 [updated]
We list the current nominees and all winners for several of the 'published' forms such as novel, graphic novel, short forms and related works.
Changes to fees and charges
Some of our fees and charges are changing on 1 September 2015. We've listed a summary of the changes on our fees page.
Photos [updated]
Our latest batch of photos includes progress of the New Central Library.
And the peasants rejoiced [blog post]
Simone looks forward to the upcoming Royal New Zealand Balletproduction of Midsummer Night's Dream.
Read the book then see the film [blog post]
Want to read the book before you see the movie? This post will get you ahead of the game with a crop of books about to get the silver screen treatment.
Bus Interchange [photos]
We've added some photos of the new section of the Bus Interchange to Kete Christchurch, our community repository.
Picture books newsletter August 2015 newsletter
Picture books this month include farting ponies and trips to the moon. It's all good!
Kids' Books August 2015 newsletter
Featuring in this month's Kids' Books newsletter: Mad Brownies, good ogres, prehistoric predators, plus a great selection of genius reads.
Tax [updated]
We have updated our page about common taxes and processes and where to find information about them.
The birdwatcher's guide to love [blog post]
Roberta recommends birdwatching men as potential partners.
This week in Christchurch history (24 to 30 August0 [blog post]
Discover some of the events that took place in Christchurch in years gone by.
New Zealand Fashion in pictures: Kete Christchurch
For New Zealand Fashion Week we're going to be sharing some of our favourite images of New Zealand Fashion from Kete Christchurch.
Historical Fiction August 2015 newsletter
Fans of the Roaring Twenties will enjoy the featured titles set in the 1920s in this month's newsletter.
Arthur Francis Lester Priest : Diary 1915 [digital collection]
A diary kept by Arthur Francis Lester Priest (1893-1915) from late 1914 to August 1915. The diary documents his experience in the first World War. The collection includes some memorabilia kept with the diary: a letter, newspaper clippings, postcard and photograph.
Storylines Festival and Family Day [Kids]
Find out about the fun events of Storylines Family Day, which will take place on Sunday 23 August at Upper Riccarton Library.
National Geographic Virtual Library [blog post]
High standards since 1888 has meant this magazine has a worldwide circulation in the millions. National Geographic has not just raised public awareness of the importance of natural places and wildlife, it has also actively funded scientific research including that of mountain gorilla expert Dian Fossey and discoverer of the sunken Titanic, Robert Ballard.
Shirley Library will remain open during its 9-week repair programme [news]
From Monday 24 August 2015 Christchurch City Council is repairing the Shirley Library, near The Palms, at 36 Marshlands Road.
From Kip to Glen [blog post]
Discover our recently digitised collection of World War II letters and cards, 1940-1945, written by Howard Kippenberger.
This week in Christchurch history (17 to 23 August) [blog post]
Discover some of the events that took place in Christchurch in years gone by.
Lawrence of Arabia: not just a WWI hero! [blog post]
Ruby2shoesnz delves into the life of Lawrence of Arabia.
Warm patrons of literature [blog post]
Anthony Trollope visited New Zealand in August 1872 - Bronwyn tells us what he thought of the experience.
Ockham New Zealand Book Awards [new]
Previously sponsored by NZ Post, the New Zealand Book Awards have a new name and sponsor.
Science and Nature August 2015 newsletter
Books on endangered species, evolution, and stunning images from the Hubble telescope.
Biography and Memoir August 2015 newsletter
In this month's Biography and Memoir newsletter: romantic outlaws, mountain climbers, double agents, and editor Sarah Hepola's memoir of her life as as an alcoholic.. Subscribe to get this newsletter delivered by email to your inbox or read it online each month.
Fiction A to Z August 2015 newsletter
Fantastic new titles for fiction lovers. Subscribe to get this newsletter delivered by email to your inbox or read it online each month.
James Tait Black Memorial Prize - Biography [updated]
Find out the latest winner of the James Tait Black Memorial Prize for Biography.
James Tait Black Memorial Prize - Fiction [updated]
Find out the latest winner of the James Tait Black Memorial Prize for Fiction.
New Orderís Peter Hook on running a revolutionary club [blog post]
New Order bassist Peter Hook wrote The Hacienda: How not to run a club - a very interesting and transparent account.
Know thyself - New Zealand eBooks with Wheelers
One way to absorb, enjoy and learn about New Zealand's unique culture is through its fiction and non-fiction. This is where Wheelers comes in with eBook titles by New Zealanders or about New Zealand.
3D printing parts - Hover board lifts off [blog post]
Luka has entered his home built Hover board which utilises Maglev (Magnetic Levitation) technology into a school science fair. He was encountering some issues with one of the housings holding the magnets. He 3D modelled himself a new design using Google SketchUp and contacted us to see if we could 3D print the parts for him.
Parenting week 2015 [blog post]
This year, Neighbourhood Trust will be running Parenting Week from 24 to 30 August at various locations around Christchurch. A week of guest speakers, workshops, seminars and activities: there is bound to be something for you.
Te Hapua: Halswell Centre newsletter August 2015
Read the latest news on the new centre at Halswell.
Doctor Who Day [Flickr]
Photos from Doctor Who Day at Central Library Peterborough
Fantasy newsletter
August's fantasy newsletter includes new titles from Naomi Novik, Mark Lawrence and others as well as a selection of titles involving dealing with the Devil. Subscribe to get it delivered by email or read it online each month.
Exploring nature's pattern magic [blog post]
Patterns in nature are beautiful, and this New Zealand book for kids shows them in stunning detail.
Every Story tells a Picture competition winners
The winners of the Every Story Tells A Picture competition have been announced. Three entrants each received a $100 Westfield voucher for winning their category, and a further six entrants each received a $50 Westfield voucher for being highly commended.
New Zealand Book Awards for Children and Young Adults 2015 [blog post]
Congratulations to all the winners of the New Zealand Book Awards for Children and Young Adults 2015!
Florence Nightingale 1820-1910 [blog post]
Florence Nightingale died on 13 August 1910 - Ruby2shoesnz tells the story of the Lady of the Lamp.
Young Adults Connect programmes [updated]
We have updated our page with the latest Young Adults Connect newsletter.
Korean blog posts [Korean language]
Calling all Korean readers! Jo has been writing blog posts in Korean highlighting books in our Korean language collection.
Genealogy - my way [blog post]
Roberta delves in her family history - in her own inimitable way.
Bindery Services [update]
Updated prices.
Arts and culture events [update]
Links and information about cultural events in Christchurch.
Budgie Manor - Community Read of Magpie Hall [blog post]
Friday night's improv of Magpie Hall by Rachael King was a blast.
Quick Questions with Suki Kim [blog post]
Suki Kim answered our questions ahead of her visit to Christchurch for a Shifting points of view WORD Christchurch session at the Christchurch Arts Festival.
Reading to dogs [brochure]
We have uploaded the Term 3 brochure of our Reading to dogs programme.
Reading to dogs [posters]
We have uploaded posters of the dogs who star in our Reading to Dogs programme.
Michael Robotham is coming to Christchurch [blog post]
One of the world's top crime writers will be talking at South Library, Wednesday 26 August, 6pm.
This week in Christchurch history (10 to 16 August)
Discover some of the events that took place in Christchurch in years gone by.
All the ways to share a bike [blog post]
Borrowable bikes are now available in the CBD. Or if you have an extra bike why not donate it to one of these worthy initiatives?
History and Current Events August 2015 newsletter
Joan of Arc, the Greek economy, Cuban spies in the US, and the amazing tale of a master swindler - plus a feature on English history.
Community Read of Magpie Hall by Rachael King [photos]
Photos of the two Community Read events, and Magpie Hall displays.
Dr Who Day and the Create your own sonic screwdriver competition [the Pulse]
Central Library Peterborough is hosting a Doctor Who themed event on Saturday 15 August 2015, and there's a sonic screwdriver comp that goes until 20 September.
Thrillers and Suspense August 2015 newsletter
Featuring in this month's Thrillers and Suspense newsletter: a selection of read-alikes for fans of John Connolly's work; some country noir; and a serial murderer in Stockholm.
Armchair Travel August 2015 newsletter
This month's newsletter includes a road trip in a covered wagon along the Oregon Trail; pirate hunters; and Taxi Gourmet blogger Layne Mosler's experiences in Berlin, Buenos Aires and New York.
Gallipoli - the August Campaigns [blog post]
Katherine looks backat the battles of Lone Pine and Chunuk Bair.
A shed of your own [blog post]
Jane explores The Dark night of the shed, and other sheddy things.
A half circle journey - Suki Kim and North Korea [blog post]
Find out more about North Korea from Suki Kim's intense memoir.
Political systems 1940s style [blog post]
"Socialism: You have 2 cows. Given one to your neighbour. Communism: You have two cows. Give both to the Govt. The Govt gives you milk."
Happy birthday Andy Warhol [blog post]
Yesterday was Andy's birthday. Robyn is a big fan and here she shows some new Warhol trends.
Re-reading - either you do or don't [blog post]
Jane is not a re-reader, but she looks at why some people are.
Bonjour, Ciao, Buenos Dias! [blog post]
Bibliobishi picks up sticks and moves (vicariously) to France, Italy, and Spain.
Recent necrology, July 2015 [blog post]
We list some of the well-known people who have died recently, and link to their work in our catalogue.
Killing Jokes [blog post]
Robyn thinks you should see The Ladykillers at the Court Theatre, and here's why.
Teen Scene August 2015 newsletter
Fragile relationships, thrilling road trips, and walking corpses - check out the latest Teen Scene newsletter for all this and lots more.
This week in Christchurch history (3 to 9 August)
Discover some of the events that took place in Christchurch in years gone by.
Best reads for bogans [blog post]
Are we about to see a Bogan Renaissance? We've got your bogan reading and watching covered.
Buying a car, motorbike, or boat [updated]
This page lists resources that will help when buying a new - or new for you - car, bike or boat.
Happy birthday Parklands Library! [blog post]
Parklands Library is ten this week and there are community events for you to join in with.
Outliers [blog post]
Ben read Malcolm Gladwell's book and learns something about success.
Quick questions with Margaret Wilson [blog post]
We talk to Margaret Wilson ahead of her visit to Christchurch.
Writing and reading [blog post]
Have a look at what's hot in August.
A beautiful place to die [blog post]
Alina recommends two very different titles.
Binge watching TV [blog post]
Purplerulz recommends some good telly to get stuck into.
Top of the web - July 2015 [blog post]
Explore what was popular on the web and social media in July.
Science Fiction newsletter
In this month's sci-fi newsletter we have new titles from some of the biggest names in the genre: Paolo Bacigalupi, Kevin J. Anderson, James S. A. Corey, Kim Stanley Robinson & Neal Stephenson. Read it online or subscribe to get it delivered to your mailbox every other month.
Te Kupu o Te Wiki - Ataahua (beautiful) [blog post]
To encourage the use of Te Reo Maori we are publishing weekly kupu (words) and phrases that can be used with children.
Every Doctor must have his day [blog post]
Calling all Whovians! Central Library Peterborough is hosting a Doctor Who themed event on Saturday the 15th of August.
Cook Islands Language Week 2015 [blog post]
Aranui Library will be hosting a community event in the form of a Cook Islands Maori Language themed storytime on Thursday 6 August, 11am-11.30am
The shipboard diary of Henry Bottle [blog post]
Newly digitised shipboard diary and letters of Henry Bottle who travelled from London to Lyttelton in 1879 aboard the Himalaya.
Festivals, holidays and special days [updated]
Find out more about special days of the year in Christchurch.
New Zealand International Film Festival [new]
Founded in 1977 the Christchurch Festival includes a selection of up to 30 films from the larger Auckland Festival.
William Burn - 100 years since the death of a Christchurch aviator [blog post]
William Burn was the first New Zealand airman ever to be killed in action. Find out more about his life and tragic death.
Happy birthday, Emily Bronte lblog post]
Emily BrontŽ was born on 30 July 1818. Robyn shares a heartfelt homage.
Hearty winter cooking and winter pursuits [blog post]
Tired of the cold weather? Ruby2shoesnz has some winter warming suggestions.
Water [updated]
Sources of information about water in Canterbury.
Kids' Books July 2015 newsletter
In this month's newsletter: Jurassic World, silly space adventures, creative coding, and a special focus on animals.
Henry Bottle: Shipboard diary and six letters, 1879-1884
The diary records the voyage of the Himalaya from London to Lyttelton, and starts on January 11, 1879, finishing on April 14, 200 miles short of the port of Lyttelton. One letter, undated, is written on part of the diary. The letters recount early experiences in Waimate and Oamaru.
Howard Kippenberger - World War II letters and cards, 1940-1945
The letters are written by Howard Kippenberger (Kip) to Glen and May Morgan. In 1939 at the outbreak of war he was given command of the 20th Canterbury/Otago Battalion. As these letters show, he served in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, rising to the rank of Major General.
Social media and technology in te reo Maori [blog post]
How do you say Facebook in Maori? Find out!
Te reo on the go [blog post]
Kirsten get techie with te reo Maori.
Picture books newsletter July 2015
The latest in pic book goodness - including some ninja books.
Beginner's kete to learning basic Maori language [updated]
Christchurch City Libraries / Nga Kete Wananga o Otautahi values the role it has in supporting te reo Maori. We encourage you to learn to speak te reo Maori and have created this basic kete to get you started.
Mihimihi and Te Reo Maori resources [updated]
Introducing yourself with a mihimihi? These resources can help.
Getting personal with the Daily Mail Historical Archive [blog post]
Before the internet, people had to try and contact others in other ways - including the personals in newspapers.
Kia ora Christchurch City Libraries customers [blog post]
Some library statistics from the 2014/2015 year.
Facebook - Pukamata [blog post]
A guide to Facebook.
EBooks, eAudiobooks, and eMagazines
Our new page on eBooks, eAudiobooks, and eMagazines.
Te Wiki o te Reo Maori in soundbites [blog post]
Pronunciation comes from listening and practise so here are some links to some soundbites to encourage you.
Te Kupu o te Wiki - E te tau (darling) [blog post]
To encourage the use of Te Reo Maori we are publishing weekly kupu (words) and phrases that can be used with children.
National Poetry Day 2015 [new]
About National Poetry Day, Friday 28 August.
Christchurch street and place names [updated]
This resource aims to give the origins of Christchurch street and place names. It is researched by libraries' staff and updated every few months.
Ka pai rawe Finnian [blog post]
Watch a video showing the importance of Maori pronunciation.
New Central Library progress [photos]
We've uploaded some new photos showing the progress of the New Central Library site.
Every Story Tells a Picture competition [blog post]
The Every Story Tells a Picture competition closes at the end of the month - here are some suggestions to inspire your entry.
Honey, Hives and Hierarchy [blog post]
Purplerulz reviews a fantasy book with a difference.
What to read when youíre sick in bed [blog post]
Roberta has some - more or less - restorative suggestions.
Te Wiki o Te Reo Maori 2015 [blog post]
The theme of this year's celebrations is whangaihia nga matua - helping parents to pass te reo on to their tamariki.
What Now filming at South Library [Flickr]
What Now filming stop motion animation class at South Learning Centre, 15 July 2015.
Remembering a wonderfully wacky Word Witch [blog post]
Julie remembers Margaret Mahy.
Cook Islands Language Week - Te ĎEpetoma o Te Reo Kuki ĎAirani
In 2015 Cook Islands Language week will take place from 3 - 9 August.
Gardening [updated]
Find out about gardening and garden-related information and resources in our collection.
Arts and crafts for kids [updated]
We have updated our page of arty activities and resources for kids.
All about Yves - a passion for fashion [blog post]
Find out about some of the fashion docos showing at the New Zealand International Film Festival.
Helping Canterbury kids with anxiety [blog post]
Local initiative to help kids deal with anxiety by reading books about The Worry Bug.
Pikihuia Awards for Maori Writers [updated]
Updated with 2015 shortlist
Biography and Memoir July 2015 newsletter
Keen to walk a mile in someone else's shoes? This month's Biography and Memoir newsletter lets you peek into the lives of, among others, wrestler Booker T., callgirl Sasha, a NY cop, and Japanese women of the late 19th century.
This week in Christchurch history (20 to 26 July) [blog post]
Discover some of the events that took place in Christchurch in years gone by.
Te Hapua: Halswell Centre July 2015 newsletter [PDF]
The latest newsletter is online now.
Fiction A to Z July 2015 newsletter
From whimsical and charming fiction to Southern Gothic "grit lit" - this month's Fiction A to Z newsletter ranges far and wide to bring you intriguing and absorbing reads for all tastes.
Government Life building in Cathedral Square - opened 17 July 1964 [blog post]
Donna remembers the Government Life building which opened 51 years ago today and was demolished in 2014.
Building - a guide to getting started [updated]
Building or renovating? This page links you to useful resources.
Writing [updated]
Resources and materials for people who want to improve their writing or get material published.
The power of forgiveness [blog post]
Kat finds reading The Railway Man an astonishing and moving experience.
Art [updated]
Our libraries have a wealth of art-related resources.
Food and drink [updated]
Discover our resources for cooks and food lovers - from cookbooks to food history and food dictionaries.
Belle [blog post]
Dido Belle was an admiral's illegitimate mixed-race daughter who embarked on a mission to abolish slavery in eighteenth-century England.
Winter Reading Challenge
Head along to Central Manchester or Central Peterborough libraries, get your reading "Bingo card" and be in to win!
Popular Culture picks from our latest newsletter
Must-reads for golf fans, Johnny Rotten's memoir, and an essential guide for fangirls and more in the Pop Culture newsletter.
Home, Garden and DIY: picks from our latest newsletter
Home design that works with kids, good eats in your garden, woodworking, easy upholstery, and all things vintage in our latest Home, Garden & DIY newsletter.
Best picks: The Christchurch NZIFF programme [blog post]
The Christchurch programme for the New Zealand International Film Festival has been released and some great films are on offer.
History and Current Events July 2015 Newsletter
The Georgians, Middle East politics, Japanese-Americans in WWII, and the birth of Modernist art - all this and more in the History and Current Events newsletter.
Ant the daring War Dog who flew with his master and was awarded the VC [blog post]
Read about remarkable war dog Ant.
Nurses at war: Anna Rogers at South Library, Saturday 25 July
Anna Rogers, author of While You're Away: New Zealand Nurses at War 1899-1948, will talk about the contribution made by these remarkable women.
Thrillers and Suspense July 2015 newsletter
In this month's Thrillers and Suspense newsletter: Jack the Ripper and Harvest Man threaten Londoners and a potential nuclear detonation threatens the world.
This week in Christchurch history (13 to 19 July) [blog post]
Discover some of the events that took place in Christchurch in years gone by.
Rainbow Warrior bombing [updated]
It is 30 years since the Greenpeace vessel The Rainbow Warrior was bombed in the Waitemata Harbour. The crew managed to escape, apart from photographer Fernando Pereira, who drowned.
There is nothing new under the sun [blog post]
Colleen looks at some of the words recently added to the Oxford English Dictionary. And we have the full OED available online for you.
Papanui Library to close for repairs from Weds 12 August [news]
Papanui Library will be closed for repairs from Wednesday 12 August 2015. It is scheduled to reopen Monday 12 October 2015.
Donít forget your family, yeah [blog post]
We are running two Family History programmes in August.
Welcome to the Greatest Show on Earth! [blog post]
It's animals, animals, animals in new book "Creaturepedia".
Community Read 2015 [updated]
We've added some graphics - posters, bookmarks etc about the Community Read event.
Teen Scene July 2015 newsletter
This month's Teen Scene features difficult family relationships, an opposites-attract romance, and an intriguing retelling of Red Riding Hood, plus lots more great books. Be first to know: subscribe to receive this and other newsletters directly in your inbox.
Recent necrology, June 2015 [blog post]
We list some of the well-known people who have died recently, and link to their work in our catalogue.
Te Wiki o Te Reo Maori - Maori Language Week [updated]
Updated with information about 2015, the 40th anniversary of Maori Language Week.
Ngaio Marsh Award for Best Crime Novel [updated]
The five finalists for the 2015 Ngaio Marsh Award for Best Crime Novel have been announced. Find out who made the cut.
This week in Christchurch history (6 to 12 July) [blog post]
Discover some of the events that took place in Christchurch in years gone by.
Chapter and Verse - New Order, Joy Division and me [blog post]
Ben takes a look at Bernard Sumner's autobiography.
Shand's Emporium [updated]
We've updated our page on the 1860 building that recently moved to Manchester Street.
Mockingbird Songs [blog post]
Ruby2shoesnz awards 5 stars to R. J. Ellery's Mockingbird Songs.
Picture books [newsletter]
Winning Kiwi reads and a bunch more great new piccie books for kids.
Led Zeppelin and Tchaikovsky [blog post]
Delve into our musical eResources with Colleen.
Rock's Backpages [blog post]
Colleen explores our latest - and most rock-tastic - eResource. Rock's backpages is a wonderful archive of musical journalism that covers from the 1950s until today.
July 2015 newsletter
Our quarterly newsletter, as sent to all our customers.
Editions - July 2015
Our monthly newsletter highlighting what is happening at libraries.
Crafts and collecting [updated]
Love crafts or collecting? Check out our updated page of useful resources and links.
Creating - Waihanga
Make stuff! In July we connect you with things to make and do.
Spread the word: Using social media to promote community programmes and events [blog post]
Information on using Facebook and other social media platforms for community organisations.
School Horizon courses and Connect sessions [updated]
Find out what courses and sessions are available for schools during Terms 3 and 4.
Community Connections for Families [updated]
Inter-generational family-focused programmes suitable for families and children over seven years old. Discover what programmes are scheduled to take place between August and December
Community Connections for Adults [updated]
Get hands-on skills in using information and communication technologies. Discover what programmes are scheduled to take place between August and December.
Heard of Persephone Books? [blog post]
Cool grey covers, attractive endpapers, and female protagonists of another time. Prepare to become a Persephone Books fan.Ö
New Zealand fashion [updated]
Updated with more online resources
Andrew Carnegie Medals for Excellence in Fiction and Nonfiction [updated]
The Andrew Carnegie Medals for Excellence in Fiction and Nonfiction recognise the best fiction and nonfiction books for adult readers published in the United States. We have updated our pages with the 2015 winners.
Matariki competition winners [blog post]
Who has won a Kobo Glo eReader? Find out now.
Winners of the 2015 Carnegie and Kate Greenaway Medals [blog post]
Information about the winners of the Carnegie and Kate Greenaway Medals (book awards).
Kate Greenaway Medal [updated]
Updated with 2015 winner
Matariki event photos [Flickr]
New images of Matariki events run by Christchurch City Libraries.
A rollickin' good yarn [blog post]
A review of a historical novel that looks at the world of 18th century women boxers.
New Zealand International Film Festival 2015 [blog post]
Books made into movies or about writers in this year's NZIFF.
Christchurch Arts Festival 2015
Highlights from the programme of Christchurch's biennial arts festival including WORD Christchurch's Shifting Points of View.
Unfriended! [blog post]
"Say what you will, but it is not many people who lose a tooth (OK, a part of a tooth), a diary and a friend all in the space of a mere five hours." Roberta seeks solace in books - will she find it?
Kids castle quest [updated]
The castle quest leads you on a journey around a medieval castle in search of the castle's lord, for whom you have a message. In the end you may choose a reward which leads to one of four historical fiction book lists for kids.
Kids' Books June 2015 newsletter
Unusual chickens, rats with human faces and heroes galore - our latest Kids' Books newsletter has them all.
Young Adult fiction and race relations [blog post]
Race relations are currently much in the news. Alina has selected some young adult novels dealing with the issue.
3D Printing - School Horizons Programme [blog post]
Want to know more about 3D printing? How you can create something then 3D print your own design?
From a blog to a vlog to a book! [blog post]
The popularity of blogs becoming books has now moved to YouTube postings becoming books.
At home in your track pants? [blog post]
Explore our eResources for when you are at home and it's cold outside.
Shifting points of view - WORD Christchurch 30 August and 7 September 2015 [blog post]
A bumper crop of sessions from top writers and commentators. It's WORD Christchurch's part of the Christchurch Arts Festival and is guaranteed to warm the cockles of your enquiring mind.