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Historical Fiction newsletter January 2018
Tales from ancient times or more recent history - read about the latest historical fiction novels and handpicked titles you may have missed in our monthly newsletter.
The future is just around the corner... [blog post]
Kat's latest science/history read has her musing on the nature of the present, the future, and progress.
Customers relaxing in the Attic Coffee House, 123a Cashel Street: Picturing Canterbury [blog post]
1950s photograph from our Digital Image collection.
Win tickets to the NZSO National Youth Orchestra concert - 2 February [competition]
We've got 2 double passes to give away to the National Youth Orchestra concert at the Isaac Theatre Royal next month.
Word up - 2018 in books [blog post]
Staff Pickle, Donna is on a mission to document her reading in 2018. Learn more about her bookish finds in this blog post.
Kites and Kite Day [updated]
We have updated our page with information on Kite Day 2018, it is on Saturday 20 January from 1pm to 4pm.
Collaborative urban living [podcast]
Christchurch City Libraries blog hosts a series of regular podcasts from specialist human rights radio show Speak up - Korerotia. This show is created by Sally Carlton. In this episode Sally is joined by Jason Twill (UTS: University of Technology Sydney), Greer O'Donnell (Ohu) and Jane Quigley (Viva Project Otautahi Christchurch NZ) who discuss ideas and opportunities for collaborative urban living in Christchurch and NZ.
RSS: Just ordered
All the items ordered over the past week.
RSS: New fiction
All of the fiction that arrived over the past week.
RSS: New non-fiction
All the non-fiction books that arrived over the past week.
Top of the web December 2017
Here is our summary of the webpages, blog and social media posts that were popular in December.
New Zealand Census [updated]
New Zealand's next census takes place on Tuesday 6 March 2018.
Cool stuff from the selectors: Wunderkammer and Generation Wealth [blog post]
Jane hunts out the most intriguuing of new books in our collection.
A novella idea... [blog post]
Dan recommends some shorter titles for readers not looking for a long-term commitment.
Costa Book Awards [updated]
Updated with 2017 winners in the categories of Children's, Novel, First Novel, Biography, and Poetry.
Fiction A to Z newsletter January 2018
Take a walk through the aisles of our general fiction section with our Fiction A to Z newsletter & discover reads to engage and enlighten.
The corner of Cashel and High Streets, Christchurch: Picturing Canterbury [blog post]
Cobb & Co. established their line of coaches in Christchurch in 1863. Photo of their coach office facing east on the Cashel/High Triangle.
Into each life (and city) some rain must fall
Rain, rain, go away. But if it doesn't we've got tips and resources on dealing with the deluge.
Recent necrology, December 2017 [blog post]
Some well-known people who have died recently including detective fiction author Sue Grafton.
Two years gone: Celebrate David Bowie [blog post]
Some great books have come out since David Bowie died two years ago. Fee makes her picks of the best of Bowie.
Popular Culture newsletter January 2018
Our Popular Culture newsletter has selected new reads from the worlds of television, music, sport and film and featured favourites you might have missed.
History and Current Events newsletter January 2018
Our History and Current Events newsletter is filled with great reads that tell stories of wars, revolutions, and extraordinary lives all over the world - in the here and now, and the past.
The many confusions of a new year [blog post]
Who will you be in 2018? Roberta's recent reading has given her some hints.
Home, Garden and DIY newsletter January 2018
Our Home, Garden and DIY newsletter is the place to go for all the best new reads on crafts, cooking, decor, gardening, and home maintenance and repair. Projects aplenty for people who like working with their hands.
Reading Challenges, and the end-of-year rush to complete them [blog post]
Kate looks back on the books that made up her "Five Book Challenge" in 2017.
Bibliobishi's Optimistic Reading and Viewing for January and Beyond [blog post]
The reading that Ms Bishi is looking forward to this month.
Busy Christchurch: a view in Cathedral Square looking towards the BNZ corner on a hot summer's day: Picturing Canterbury [blog post]
A 1913 photograph from our digital image collection.
Best (& Worst) Children's Books of 2017 [blog post]
Kim reports back on this event and everyone picks their fave books for kids and teens in 2017.
Child's Play - Lauren Child [blog post]
Kim reports back on Lauren Child's appearance at the Auckland Writers Festival.
Summer Holiday Activities - January 2018 [blog post]
All ages are welcome at these activities. sessions are FREE, and they don't require bookings (unless mentioned otherwise). Join in from Tuesday 9 January 2018.
Children taking donkey rides on Sumner beach, Christchurch: Picturing Canterbury [blog post]
Children taking donkey rides on Sumner beach, Christchurch [ca. 1905]
What's a young person to do this summer?! [blog post]
The summer holidays are upon us at last and there's now lots of daytime hours to pursue your extracurricular interests and one of those interests is sure to be reading, but just WHAT do you read?!
Teen Scene newsletter January 2017
Stories from a teenage point of view. Discover your next great read with our latest Teen Scene newsletter.
Garden CATastrophe [blog post]
Kittens and gardens, how to teach a cat new tricks.
Christmas eMagazines on RBDigital 2017 [blog post]
Get your Christmas inspiration online with eMagazines.
Christmas in the backyard, 1958: Picturing Canterbury [blog post]
A family Christmas in our back yard in Opawa. I am showing off my new scooter, my sister Jenny has a cane dolls pram and my cousin Wayne has a carpentry set.
It's Margaret Mahy Playground's 2nd Birthday! [blog post]
The Margaret Mahy Family Playground opened on 22 December 2015.
The twelve days of Kete Christmas [blog post]
Join us in a festive celebration of Christchurch photographic heritage as every day we find a new gift in our Christmas basket, Kete Christchurch.
Great eAudiobooks to listen to on your next Road Trip [blog post]
Got a summer holiday planned? Does it involve a long road trip? If you answered yes to these questions, then an eAudiobook could be the perfect solution.
Relax and read an eBook [blog post]
Check out these eBooks from OverDrive to read over summer, something from all genres.
2017 book challenge [blog post]
Reader, I need your help. I've been diligently ticking off the categories on this year's reading challenge (Book Riot's Read Harder Challenge), but it's getting incredibly close to 2018 and I've still got a few unfilled.
Top of the web - November 2017
Kia ora. Here's our summary of the webpages, blog and social media posts that were popular in November.
WILD about reading in the Christchurch Botanic Gardens
Tick off one of your Christchurch City Libraries' Summer Reading Challenges by reading outdoors!
READ this summer and be in to WIN!
This January 2018 we will be running two competitions to celebrate the joy of reading and encourage people of all ages to simply pick up a book and read!
Ultra Violet to Aubergine: Reading purple [blog post]
Pantone has announced their colour of the year for 2018. So get a little extra purple in your life with these titles.
Christmas movies for everybody [blog post]
Whether you're a massive Christmas fan or something of a grinch, there's a festive film with your name on it.
Fiction A to Z newsletter December 2017
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Armchair Travel newsletter December 2017
No visas required! See the world with our latest Armchair Travel newsletter.
A confusion of princes [blog post]
Emily reviews a young adult speculative fiction title that's not part of a series and recommends other similar titles that she's enjoyed.
Thrillers and Suspense newsletter [blog post]
Explore the latest Thriller and Suspense titles.
Moriori artifacts : weapons, implements and god (a figure of the Moriori god Hatitimatangi): Picturing Canterbury [blog post]
We share weekly historical images from our digital image collection.
Have yourself a very library Christmas [blog post]
Christmassy events at libraries.
The Five Book Challenge [blog post]
Helen branches out with her reading into unfamiliar genres, including science fiction, young adult and western.
Sanitoriums and Dust Jackets: Cool Stuff from the Selectors [blog post]
The latest picks from our library selectors.
A new whale for a new generation [blog post]
New Brighton Beachside Playground is scheduled to open on Weds 20 Dec 10.30am. Find out about the history of the much-loved whale!
Donation of Polish books to Christchurch City Libraries [blog post]
On Saturday 9th December, Central Library Peterborough hosted Mr Zbigniew Gniatkowskted, the Polish Ambassador to New Zealand; Mrs Winsome Dormer, Honorary Consul of the Republic of Poland for the South Island; Anna Gruczyska, President of the Polish Association in Christchurch; and Krysia Wiek, member of the Polish community in Christchurch. The Polish Embassy kindly gifted books in Polish, and about Poland, to the library.
Mona Anderson's tale of High Country life
A River Rules My Life has been re-released!
My Library: Robyn Chandler, Manager of Literacy Christchurch [interview]
Robyn Chandler, manager of Literacy Christchurch, talked to Jan Orme, Senior Library Assistant, Outreach and Learning Team for the sixth issue of our magazine uncover - huraina.
Serial killers [blog post]
" Face facts, life has bad patches. I'm in one right now: post Italy holiday blues; Skype meltdowns in the middle of calls to the grandies; and Pneumonia."
READ this summer and be in to win
This summer - January 2018 - we will be running two competitions to celebrate the joy of reading and encourage people of all ages to simply pick up a book and read!
A new whale for a new generation [blog post]
The whale is back in New Brighton - find out about the history.
Sanitoriums and Dust Jackets: Cool Stuff from the Selectors [blog post]
Jane picks two cool new books.
Is this the real life? [blog post]
How much real life can you expect from celebrity memoirs and biographies? Depends on who is writing them, but Jo has found three recent titles she's enjoyed reading.
Summertime Reading Club is for the littlies too [blog post]
It's not just school aged children that can enjoy our holiday reading programme. Nameeta posts about the story and reading opportunities and resources for preschoolers.
History and Current Events newsletter December 2017
Our History and Current Events newsletter is filled with great reads that tell stories of wars, revolutions, and extraordinary lives all over the world - in the here and now, and the past.
Podcast - Issues affecting men [podcast]
Episode from specialist human rights radio show Speak up - Korerotia focusing on issues affecting men, with reading recommendations.
The World's Best David Walliams [blog post]
Donna reports back from rock star children's author/comedic actor David Walliams' event in Christchurch.
The 12 sounds of Christmas [blog post]
Music-lover Dan lists his fave Christmas albums that you can borrow for some festive cheer at your house over the holidays.
New eMagazines from RBDigital [blog post]
New titles now added to our eMagazine offering of over 500 titles in total.
The joy of Christmas food [blog post]
Food commands a great deal of consideration on Christmas day. Find excellent resources for Christmas food for the festive season.
A Christmas parade passes along Colombo Street, Christchurch: Picturing Canterbury [blog post]
An elephant carrying Father Christmas is T.J. Armstrong & Co's contribution to a Christmas parade. It is shown passing the Colombo Street store. From our Digital Image Collection.
Teen scene newsletter December 2017
Stories from a teenage point of view. Discover your next great read with our latest Teen Scene newsletter.
Fiona's Christmas picks from the new book box [blog post]
Looking for holiday reading? There are some wonderful books in our New Titles list.
Recent necrology - November 2017
Some well-known people who have died recently.
Best book covers 2017 - My pick of New Zealand's finest [blog post]
It's one of the pleasures as the year ends to slow down and smell the roses - or, in this case, stop and appreciate the book covers. Join me as I judge New Zealand books by their covers.
Digital Summer Reading [blog post]
"Holiday reads makes you instantly think of relaxing in the sun with a good book. There is so much more to holiday reading than a book, especially if you are travelling somewhere and you are short on space, you can download eBooks, eMagazines, and eAudiobooks to a single device and have a whole holiday of reading in one place.
Beyond the Marathon - ultramarathoner Vajin Armstrong [interview]
Emily interviews Christchurch's elite ultramarathoner Vajin Armstrong - he talks about his training, meditation, and of course, his favourite books.
The Maori Church at Taumutu, With Members of the Maori and European Congregation: Picturing Canterbury
Kete Christchurch is a collection of photographs and stories about Christchurch and Canterbury, past and present. Anyone can join and contribute.
Christchurch Photo Hunt 2017 - The Winners
This year we had some excellent individual photographs and collections submitted telling wonderful stories of people, family and Christchurch. Thank you so much for sharing your memories and contributing to our photographic history.
Inclusion matters: access and empowerment of people of all abilities - Celebrating International Day of Persons with Disabilities
Sunday, 3rd December is the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. It is estimated that one in four Kiwis live with some form of disability, so we are all touched by the diversity that comes with disability.
Falalalala - Christmas Music Playlists [blog post]
"Christmas music is marmite kind of thing you either love it or hate it. Research by psychologists have found that listening to too much Christmas music too early has a detrimental effect one's mental health, especially for those who work in retail."
International Volunteer Day 5 December 2017 [blog post]
It's International Volunteer Day today! Volunteering is a rewarding way to make connections in your community.
Library and Learning Centre School Holiday Programmes - January 2018
Book now for our school holiday programmes: Lego Animation for 8 to 12 years, 9.30am to 3.30pm. $20 per child Minecraft Game Zone for 8 to 12 years, 10am to 12pm. 7 per child Lego Mindstorm Robotics for 10 to 13 years, 9.30am to 3pm. $15 per child and more
School holidays! Holiday programmes, events, and activities
Find out what's on this school holidays for Christchurch children. Check out the holiday programmes and activities at our libraries and learning centres, and shows and performances for kids.
December 2017 newsletter
Our December newsletter for customers has information on holiday hours, school holiday programmes, and more.
Best Reads 2017
What books have you loved this year? The following lists bring together the cream of the crop of 2017's books - from the picks of our staff and customers, to the lists published by magazines, newspapers and booksellers. Have your say!
Take a trip down Twelve Mile Straight: Eleanor Henderson [blog post]
The Twelve Mile Straight is as Southern as fried chicken.
Most popular monthly eMagazines from RBdigital [blog post]
Check out the top 20 monthly eMagazines from RBdigital Magazines - Is your favourite here?
Introducing Turanga (New Central Library)
Christchurch's new central library has its official name - Turanga.
The Gig Guide December 2017
Planning on attending a concert, show, or gig in Christchurch? Then why not take a look at what we've got of that artist's back catalogue.
Most Popular Weekly eMagazines from RBDigital [blog post]
Here is the list of top twenty weekly eMagazines from RBDigital - is your favourite on the list?
New titles December 2017
Discover the latest and greatest in our collection - music, movies, books, eBooks, eAudiobooks, large print, stuff for kids & teens.
Holiday Reading 2017
Here is a selection of new titles for kids and young adults added to our collection in 2017. You will find something here to excite, enthuse, enthral and inform.
Baillie Gifford prize for non-fiction [updated]
Updated with finalists and winner of this year's prize.
Financial Times and McKinsey Business Book of the Year Award [updated]
Updated with finalists and winner for the 2017 award.
National Book Awards (U.S.) [updated]
2017 winners and finalists in categories of: fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and young people's literature.
Kids' Books newsletter November 2017
Whether you're looking for something educational, creative or fantastical, our latest Kids' Books newsletter has titles that will excite young minds and foster a love of reading.
It's just around the corner... [blog post]
AFFIRM is Aranui's annual community event. Sports, entertainment and fun for all ages.
Korean Day - Saturday 2 December [blog post]
Find out about Korean day and library resources on Korean language and culture.
Historical Fiction Newsletter November 2017
Tales from ancient times or more recent history - read about the latest historical fiction titles in our monthly newsletter.
Be cyber smart this week (and every week) [blog post]
Did you know that it's New Zealand Cyber Smart Week? We provide links to more information on how to be cyber smart.
Cool stuff from the selectors: Designer dogs, Dickens and decluttering [blog post]
Latest picks of intriguing new titles in our collection from library selectors.
Hui-a-iwi and the 20th anniversary of the Ngai Tahu Deed of Settlement [blog post]
This year Ngai Tuahuriri are hosting the biennial festival Hui-a-Iwi 2017, and Ngai Tahu are coming together to reconnect and celebrate the 20th anniversary of the signing of the Ngai Tahu Claim Settlement.
The prison camp, Hanmer Springs: Picturing Canterbury [blog post]
Another treasure from our Images Collection. Between 1903-1913 prison labour was used in Hanmer Springs, propogating exotic trees.
Watch this space: Lindsay Chan maps Christchurch street art [blog post]
We interview Lindsay Chan of street art website Watch this space about Christchurch's growing identity as a street art capital.
Kennedy Assassinated! What were you doing on 23 November 1963? [blog post]
"By the time The Christchurch Star was published on the afternoon of Saturday 23 November 1963, it would have been hard to find someone in Christchurch who had not already heard that the President of the United States, John Fitzgerald Kennedy had been assassinated earlier that morning (7:00am New Zealand time). But when the initial shock had passed what was the rest of the day like for the people of Christchurch?
The Pony Movie Recipe [blog post]
"Even though Miss Missy is nearly 15, she and I still enjoy our Mum and Daughter Movie Nights. Often we pick a theme, like movies based on books ... Our favourite theme so far was our extended Pony Movie marathon."
Biography and Memoir newsletter November 2017
Subscribe to our monthly Biography and Memoir newsletter and explore the interesting lives of a diverse group of people.
Erasing hate and the rejection of white supremacism [blog post]
Find titles about the Alt-Right, Neo-Nazis and white supremacists.
Fiction A to Z newsletter November 2017
Take a walk through the aisles of our general fiction section with our Fiction A to Z newsletter and discover reads to engage and enlighten.
Books on screen: Murder most foul, sci-fi classics and more [blog post]
"Read the book before you see the film/TV series, or read the source material afterwards for all the added backstories and characters (that you can absorb at your own pace)?"
Bishopdale 2017: The Christchurch Documentary Project
Going beyond the iconic elephant slide and the suburban mall, five photographers from the University of Canterbury, School of Fine Arts immersed themselves in the public and private lives of Bishopdale residents to create the latest instalment of The Christchurch Documentary Project - Bishopdale 2017. You are welcome to celebrate the launch of this online image collection, and view the exhibition at Orauwhata: Bishopdale Library and Community Centre. The exhibition opens at 6pm on Tuesday 28 November and then runs until Friday 22 December.